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Banish the storm of self-doubt


Is Your hero afraid of Failing?

How does your hero react to adversity?If they "fail" at something new, do they want to quit?Do they tell themselves that they're not good enough?Are they worried about what other people might say about them?Are they afraid people will laugh at their dreams?If you answered "yes" to any of these, then guess what?Your hero is a real person!Life isn't always easy, and that's a good thing.How many of your favorite stories are about a character having an easy-breezy life?None. Because that's boring.Life is the same way, yet too many kids learn that "failure" is something to be avoided at all costs.They learn to judge themselves off of results.And they learn to listen to the crowd.But that's a recipe for an unhappy and unfulfilling life.The alternative is to reframe "failure" as an opportunity.An opportunity to pick yourself back up, and an opportunity to learn.How do you learn that?You learn that by embracing the Heroic Mindset.What's the Heroic Mindset?The Heroic Mindset is the superpower that world-class performers use to unleash their inner potential.It's a set of tools that your hero can reach for when adversity crosses their path.It's a recipe for calming the Storm of Self-Doubt.The Heroic Mindset is THE most powerful skill any hero can learn.And we put it into personalized stories for your hero to read every night before bed.

who uses the heroic mindset?

Heroic Bedtime teaches the Heroic Mindset with personalized stories about epic adventures.Give your kiddo the gift of real confidence so they can create the life they see in their dreams.

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